Redsox1099: Did you make this page?

Alt. Redsox1099: Yep. Well, two people alredy did this idea, so I put Alt. Redsox1099 at the top.

Redsox1099: Well that's what I would do!

Alt. Redsox1099: Does that mean we're exactly the same?

Redsox1099: I think so.

Alt. Redsox1099: Wanna sing about it?

Redsox1099: Hmmm..... A very cheap cutaway that leads into an epic song? I'm in!

(Music starts)

Alt Redsox1099: Would you like to hear Justin Bieber?

Redsox1099: Heck NO! HE'S GROSS!!!

Alt Redsox1099: It was a test! PnF?

Redsox1099:Ooooh! I love it the most!

Alt Redsox1099: Me too!

Redsox1099:Do you collect Nerf Guns?

Alt Redsox1099: Yeah! Just in case, 2012 is the end of the world!

Both: I've been alone all these years, with my irrational fears!

Redsox1099: Except for that 2012 thing. I'm not sure if it's gonna happen.

Both: But before me I see, someone with who I agree! I've found a brand new best friend and it's me! I've found a brand new best friend, and it's me!

To be continued....